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We need artists...

2016-06-22 07:19:33 by MondlichtStudios


we are a new team, currently we're looking for a pixel artist (for a 2D platformer) and/or a person who can draw anime characters (for a Visual Novel).

All our games will be commercially sold, so we can either make a deal of how much percentage each person gets, or if you prefer to get cash right away, we can work something out - provided your price is reasonable.

If you have either of those skills and if you're looking for a collaboration, send us a PM here or contact us via e-mail


SB @ Mondlicht Studios


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2016-06-22 07:28:56

You can check me out.... But I doubt my style will be a fit

MondlichtStudios responds:

I will take a look at your work :)


2016-06-22 09:54:39

You should get with @ManuelTacoFace if you need backgrounds. His work is amazing.

MondlichtStudios responds:

I will look at his work, thank you for the suggestion :)